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Here is a cool old photo of some early Van Alstyne residents.
Pictured are four of the sons of William Creager (1808-1865) and Rebecca ‘Bexia’ McKinney Creager (1809-1882), early Van Alstyne settlers.
Top row, John Taylor Creager and Daniel McKinney Creager (1833-1908).
Bottom row; Thomas Creager and James Ashley Creager. Date of photo unknown, probably late 1800’s.
Their mother, Rebecca ‘Bexia’ McKinney Creager was the daughter of Daniel Younger McKinney (1769-1825) and Margaret McClure McKinney (1776-1825).
Daniel Younger McKinney was the brother of the noted Collin McKinney (1766-1861).
Daniel McKinney Creager (pictured) served in the Sixth Texas Cavalry during the civil war along with four brothers, including Thomas and James Ashley pictured with him in this photo. He married Mary Elizabeth Bowen (1839-1921). I found all of this while working on my husband’s genealogy.
I love History of Van Alstyne!

Submitted by Cathy Johnson

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