Gen. Gano speaks at Methodist Church | Van Alstyne

GANO’S BRIGADE. Gano’s Brigade existed from its formation in the summer of 1863 to its reassignment under Gen. Hamilton Bee in early 1865. Though the units that composed the brigade changed throughout its existence, they were the Twenty-ninth Texas Cavalry Regiment, the Thirtieth Texas Cavalry Regiment, the First Regiment Arizona Brigade, the Fifth Texas Partisan Rangers, the Thirty-third Texas Cavalry Regiment, Welch’s Texas Cavalry Company, Wells’s Texas Battalion, the Eleventh Texas Field Artillery Battery, and the Seventeenth Texas Field Artillery Battery. Throughout its history Gano’s Brigade fought alongside Confederate Indians, led by Gen. Stand Watie. The brigade’s actions mainly consisted of raids on Union supply trains and troops maneuvering in Arkansas and the Indian Territory. – Texas State Historical Association



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