Mantua Began in 1854 But…

Mantua began in 1854 but there were, however, settlers in the surrounding community even before the town developed. J.H. Arnspiger came there with his parents in 1845. Other
pioneers were Dr. J.H. Leslie, Oscar Riddle (who would later open the first business in Van Alstyne – a saloon), W.K. Henderson, F.R. Slaughter, N.M. Drye, D.W. Fulton, E.G. Beall, C.C. Walsh, J.W. Greer, J.A. Stinnet, S.L., J.D.L., and James McKinney, the Blassingame, Cartwright, Kepler, Thompson, Hawles, Huckaby, Garver, Moore, and Dumas families.

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